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this blog is dedicated to Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber. I adore them both. Their both talented {: ill always love them. Im always gonna be a pround Smilieber (: ~ your not welcomed of you dont like either Miley or Justin. oki. (:

i luv questions. ~
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You know what’s sad? The hate miley gets. She gets them for what reason? Hm.. Obviously no reason. People care about her “Mistakes”. That’s pretty much why she gets hate. This girl gets called a Whore, Slut, Drug Addict, And Bad Role-Model. Why? Because she took pictures half naked at the age of 15 & she smoked outta a bong. Dont judge her because she took pictures only in her bra and underwear. If your gonna judge her, then judge the rest of the 15 years old girls who take half naked pictures. Wonder how it feels to be judged, eh? Oh, and Also she got the most hate because she smoked outta a bong on her 18th birthday. The thing i dont get is, Why do you have to worry so much about what she does in her life? Shes freaking growing up. Shes an adult know. Its her life not yours, Let her live her life. Stop worrying so much about her life. Grow the fuck up & Stop the hate on this gorgeous girl. NUFF’SED. ~

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justin would fuck this? lol no.

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this seems so true…

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people who follow miley on twitter. ~

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hahahahaha Selenators.. really people. That's not even creative, stupid stupid lame name if anything it will bring her rep down haha some people I swear!


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Anonymous asked:


you spelt beliebers wrong. ~

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